Friday, August 5, 2011

Are you good at picking scabs?

Remember a time when you fell, maybe skinned your knees? As it started to heal, scabs formed. What did you do then? Did you pick at the scabs or did you let it heal? Well, I did (*eye roll*). Sometimes the skin under it had healed, sometimes it hadn't and that hurt!

In life, we can do the same without even knowing it.

Say you go to a networking event. It's your first event, you meet a few people, introduce yourself, go home.
Say for some reason you did no follow up after the event. What do you do then?
Some would say, 'better late than never' and get on to it.
And there might just be one that says, 'I'm just not good at these things' - that's picking at the scab!

When we fail to meet some standard - our own or someone elses', we may experience disappointment. As if that's not enough, we sometimes continue to beat ourselves up. Then we go over the story we are very familiar with, picking at the scab, not allowing the skin to heal, not allowing a new reality to be created.

What's the alternative?

Let the skin heal. The event has happened, you've lost some skin, put the best plaster or ointment on it and let it heal.

And if you've already said, 'I'm just not good at these things'?, that's okay too. If you realised it, that's the biggest step you've just made. Now that you're aware, you can do something about it.

For a small plaster say, 'At least I gave it a go'.
To put it on, ointment and all, take a piece of paper or a page in your journal, draw a line down the middle. On the left, I'm not good at networking and on the right, a few actions you can take to get better at it : model a good networker, etc...

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