Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Doing It All Myself

Some believe that to achieve the best outcomes, they must do the work themselves. Yesterday I fell into that trap...
A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a lovely blackwood bedroom suite.
‘Would you like assembly with that?’, asked the salesman.
‘It’s only $25’, he added. 
‘It’s my first proper bed in years’, I thought. ‘I’ll feel great putting it together myself’.

‘No thanks. I’m good at putting these things together.
Today it arrived!
Not many boxes at all – only the bed needed assembly. Three pieces of wood for each side, 4 legs, a support beam, the slats. All good. 
A little trouble with the screws and then the headboard!
Good Grief! Who would have known the headboard would weigh so much?
Even with all the strength training I’ve been doing lately, I struggled to get that into the bedroom – obviously it couldn’t rest on the floor in case I scratched that.
Two hours later, 12 of the 45 screws were in, the mattress put on and the bed made. 
Yes. It’s true.
Trying to do it all yourself is over-rated – I shall have to be very still.

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