Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Muscles and a waist!

Having gone from weakling to an ordinary girl, I decided a few months ago that I could lose some weight. I started thinking what that might look like, to understand what my goal was.

It was then that I came across an article from Men's Fitness about this guy from the UK Glenn Parker. On the cover, was this guy that looked incredibly fit - he had the 6 pack and muscles in all the right places. Also on the cover was a little picture supposedly of the same guy. He looked like an ordinary guy with a beer belly. Apparently he went from that to cover material in 15 weeks. I could hardly believe it. I had to read the article. I wanted to know how he did it.

I read the article - a few times. I started to get excited! Seeing Glenn's transformation helped me realised that I could do more that just lose a few kilos if that was what I wanted. He had a trainer, he had expert advise on nutrition. Obviously he had to take that all in and apply it...

Suddenly, losing a few kilos was no longer enough. I realised I could be stronger if I wanted. Much stronger. And trimmer. I could change the shape of my body.

No prizes for guessing who I got in touch with. I knew exactly who in Melbourne would have the expertise I needed to get me the body I wanted. I left a message at Fitline and got a call back from my studio owner Dan. We met and worked out my current situation and where I was heading.

I think at first Dan didn't realise how serious I was and my first two trainers didn't seem to push me hard enough. I was eyeing James. He'd been at the studio the whole time I'd been gone and he seemed to have grown a lot as a trainer while I'd been away. I was really pleased about that because it made me even more sure I was at the right place. Pity he was going to be overseas to compete. Then I got Will. That was just perfect.

Will is extremely knowledgeable and together, I could see how my body was changing. I wanted a sustainable change and I'd read that half a kilo a week is sustainable and like clockwork I was losing about half a kilo a week. Then I got over the magic 10 kilos and I was very pleased. And it wasn't just about the weight on the scales. A few weeks in my training, I started doing 20 kilo dead lifts. I thought that was great! Three weeks ago, I started doing 45 kilo dead lifts. Who would have thought?

So today I have a waist - haven't seen one for as long as I can remember... and I've got muscles! Amazing!

My journey's not over and I'm enjoying every step of it. Where are you headed?

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